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K18 ruby & diamond design pin broach

ITO JEWELRY/ pin broach

K18 ruby & diamond design pin broach

Sale price   ¥51,500(Including tax)

The design pin broach of the play thoughtful rare stag beetle.
Eyes of the ruby shining on the head which made black coating on metal of K18!
It is one article that had coolness and gorgeous over-optimism of brightness of the diamond.
The offer of one point of limit.

Product number
Yellow gold (black coating)
Ruby, diamond

Ruby 0.02ct in total, diamond 0.08ct in total
<size>   Dimensions15.4*12.4mm 
It is total weightAbout 3.1 g

<country of origin>Made in Japan  
<delivery>One week ... 
I am going to send it out within one week after product confirmation, but a delay may be given than usual by delivery circumstances on the delivery date and time.
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