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Terms of Use

Brillare site Terms of Use

About a copyright

A copyright about the information published in this Brillare site and other rights belong to Ito jewels and ornaments. About the publication contents of this website, I cannot make use of ni without permission (including a reproduction, manipulation, the distribution).

About a trademark

We own it or all trademarks appearing in this site and servicemark are trademarks to use based on license or other fair authority. I forbid using these without permission.

About a link

When I set a link to this site, please let me know so by all means to us.
Please specify the URL of the website setting the name, contact information (an address, a phone number and e-mail address), a link on this occasion.
In addition, depending on the method of contents and the link of the linked site, I may decline a link. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.


  • We list information in this site with extreme caution, but do not guarantee accuracy of this information and integrity.
  • We may change the information placed in this site without a prior notice.
  • About any damage to occur by a customer not having been able to use it by this information having been used or some kind of causes, we do not take any responsibility.
  • We do not take responsibility on software, the hardware which we occurred by the use of this site about a trouble and other damage.
  • I stop administration without a notice or may cancel this site. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Recommended environment

Because you see this site comfortably, I recommend that I fix the following environment.
  • Plastic is annoying: I recommend the use that the latest plastic is annoying. When old plastic of soft-headed John is annoying and opens, a letter and a layout are disturbed and may not read it.
  • Screen constitution: Please see it with 1,024*768 pixel, a screen of the full color.
Please note that you may not read it from a browser and problems such as an affinity, the hardware of the plug in normally even if you meet these environment.
When there is some kind of inconvenience at the time of reading, sorry for your inconvenience, but please let me know by an email after filling out a version name to if a model, plastic of the use are annoying.
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