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I ask all of you who purchased it for an impression. Including an opinion sent other than it, I ride some as a voice of the customer after the person gave permission to me.

I received the ring which you sent to me yesterday.
At a clean ring, I contacted you very for joy.
The accessories of burirare were several points than before or purchased it, and I was impatient for it, and always let me see it happily.
I ordered it for the first time this time from your homepage
A diamond of the faint lemon yellow is shiny and just ranks a finger, and heart gaukiukito becomes bright.
Thank you for a wonderful ring.
I was really taken care of.
(the 2023.9 moon Marquis cut diamond ring purchase)

I like diamonds and gathered you, but am surprised at the inexpensiveness of the price of here burirare! 
Actually, very of good quality and is satisfied if I purchase it with the intention of the trial at this sale after having been worried about how about. 
A point is high in the place made in Japan. I became a fan. 
As there is the coupon, I wanted to tell an acquaintance, but we are looking forward to hearing from you whether you do not want to tell (laugh).
Tokyo 40s (the 2019.12 moon half eternity ring purchase) 

I knew it on seeing Instagram. What I bought was good.
 I thought that there should be handy pierced earrings this time as I wanted pierced earrings. 
Tokyo 20s (the 2019.12 moon heart petit pendant purchase)

It arrived today. Very beautiful. The jewelry which I thought that I wanted it sometime on seeing what a celebrity put on, 
I am glad to be available at a reasonable price. I valued it all the time, and thank you from now on. 
Tokyo 40s (the 2019.7 moon tennis bracelet purchase) 

It is favorite jewelry since I purchased a ring before in QVC, but convenience is very good. I was praised to know that it was wonderful. 
As you want to know burirare more, please introduce various products and information in this. 
I would like QVC because I seldom appear when there is often a sale as I am glad. 
Osaka 50s (2019.5 month) 

I bought it for a birthday present to oneself. A price this by this volume! I use it every day and like it super after it arrives♪ 
Aichi 30s (the 2019.4 moon half eternity ring purchase) 
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