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The Ito jewels and ornaments (I assume it "us" as follows) recognize importance of the personal information and observe legality about the personal information and a model and think that it is a duty to perform appropriate management.
We handle the information that I took from a customer based on the following policies carefully. The policy about our personal information is as follows.
■Legal compliance
We observe laws and ordinances about the personal information and other models.
■Use purpose of the personal information
We acquire personal information by legitimate and fair means. When I acquire it, I make collection, a use purpose clear for the person and use it within the purpose.
■Policy of the personal information protection
We take appropriate safety management measures to secure safety and accuracy of the personal information. I try for prevention of leak of the personal information and perform education, the enlightenment to an employee.
In addition, I perform the check of the management state appropriately and correct this when it is necessary.

■Limit of the third party offer
We disclose personal information to a third party or we do not provide it when with consent of the person and unless it is based on legislation.

■Notices such as disclosure, a correction, the deletion of the personal information
I cope based on we rule after having confirmed that the request concerned is the person when there are requests such as disclosure, a correction, the deletion from the person about the personal information that we hold.

[January 1, 2018]


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