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Indication based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

◆A sale company name: Ito jewels and ornaments
◆A representative person in charge: Soichi Ito
◆The location: 1-21-9, Shibanakada, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama
◆TEL. 048-266-1801
◆An e-mail address: jewelry
◆The postage:
・When less than purchased amount 150,000 yen (tax-included), it is postage 650 yen. When it is more than purchased amount 150,000 yen, it is free.
・Okinawa, Hokkaido, the archipelago area are added to the +300 yen postage. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
◆COD fee (outside tax)
・It is 1,000 yen to less than less than less than 10,000 yen 300 yen, 30,000 yen 400 yen, 100,000 yen 600 yen, 300,000 yen
◆A payment method:
・I become examining the credit card settlement.
・A product (including a necklace, a press let, pierced earrings) which there is stock in: It is less than 14 days from an order
・An order product (I include the product with size rectification, the carved seal): It is less than 30 days from an order
It may take time before delivery by the stock situation of a product, the material. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
◆Returned goods, exchange:
・Except the initial defectiveness of the new product, I cannot accept exchange, return of goods in principle.
・When there is the initial defectiveness of the product, please contact me within one week from a delivery date.
・They go down with extreme caution about the shipment time of the product, but all responsibility by the reason to be caused by the delayed arrival by the reason of the delivery to home supplier secondarily cannot be due.
・There were individual differences in expression and plasticity displayed by each product, and the plasticity of the image did not necessarily guarantee profit and an effect again because the individual difference with terminals occurred.
<about cancellation, returned goods>
・As a general rule, about the order that I took formally, I cannot accept the cancellation from a customer.
・About the order from the customer that cancellation by the absenteeism or return of goods by the receipt refusal are frequent, I may cancel it by our judgment.
■Returned goods, exchange
・In the case of customer convenience: As a general rule, about the order that I took formally, I cannot accept returned goods, the exchange.
・Poor product, damage, damage: When product overs and shorts and a different product arrive; immediately a procedure of the product exchange
 I perform it.
Excuse me, but I would like notification to an inquiry form by all means.
・In the case of exchange in our origin, product delinquents bear the delivery charges at the time of the return in us.
※In the case of the following, I cannot accept return of goods.
・The product which you used once
・It is different in the image of the product photograph
(the product photograph, please note that vanity may be different from a real product by a terminal of the use.)
・When a wound or dirt damage occur by the responsibility of the customer
・When a product is sent back to us without notification beforehand
 The product which I processed size rectification and carved seal cases and sent
・Case (allergy to metal size is not correct e.g.) by customer convenience
※ When you send a product to me, for accident prevention, please send it to the following address by the home delivery that a delivery record remains.
・The delivery slip hopes that I have you save it by all means.
・Packing at the time of the return: Please enclose a thing bundled with a product at the delivery including the product (please put it in the cases), instruction manual, differentiation book.
・A customer memo: Please specify repair content of a full name, an address, a phone number, the hope of the customer.
[return address]
Ito jewels and ornaments
[address] 〒 333-0847
1-21-9, Shibanakada, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama Ito Building 1F
[TEL] 048-266-1801 (from 11:00 to 18:00 except Saturday, Sundays and holidays)
※The refund method of the product price varies according to payment methods in case of the purchase.
・A credit card: The returned goods processing day in us is the request cancellation day to the credit card company.
 In the case of the disposal of credit card companies that closes it, and stepped over the day, please refer to the credit card company of the use directly.
・C.O.D.: In an account in the name of delivery other side, I make transfer.
・Convenience store advance payment: In an account in the name of orderer, I make transfer.
※In the case of C.O.D. or convenience store advance payment, a payment method, please contact the following transfer bank information in addition.
・Transfer point bank name
・Supporting store's name ※In the case of Japan Post Bank, I tend the store
・Account name
・Account number
・Account name (furigana)
■About "cooling-off"
"The cooling-off" is a system applied to door-to-door sales. For a mail order, the application of the cooling-off is not required. burirare is not applied to the cooling-off system for a mail order to have you do shopping from a customer by access. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
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