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(191-353) 18KWG diamond drop pendant head 1ct

Brillare/pendant head

(191-353) 18KWG diamond drop pendant head 1ct

¥213,000(Including tax)

It is the pendant head of the drop motif studded with diamonds of the size named the large minor difference 29 koku luxuriously. As a necklace through-hole is established in two top and bottom, you can enjoy a design in top and bottom. I am designed so that the brightness of the diamond becomes more attractive more by fastening the stone with the pick of the number as few as possible, and doing it.
※The chain is other selling.

Product number
White gold
<material>StoneDiamond 29 koku in total
 Caratage1.0ct in total
 It is total weightAbout 1.6 g
The most wide clothAbout 17.0*13.0mm
<country of origin>Japan 
1-3 weeks
※This article is a product only for pendant heads. It is not attached to the chain.
※A hue, the size of the product vary in size, a form of the material one point of one point a little.
※For an order production product to a design, a price of the influence specifications may change as far as there is not it.

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