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News (I cut it to some products wide cloth!) of the price revision
Thank you very much for usually favoring burirare product and our buriraresaito more.
Consumption tax rate improved in last October, but it was our site and I did it to leave it unredeemed and served the price the end of it with a tax-included price of all products as service to all of you until this month.
I review it toward the price some other time and start sale at a new price newly, but decide to take it off for a reduction in price about some products. The reduction in price width as for the product of anything and up to 30%! Other product almost serves it at a deferment price, too.
A bullion market shows the aspect of the rapid remarkable rise; the conventional product wants to continue being prepared by a former gold price nowadays in burirare.
As will send good-quality domestic diamond jewelry to all of you at a value price more than before, continuously thank you for your cooperation.
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