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"The sale that gold hoop pierced earrings & earrings buzzed" began.
From burirare of our diamond jewelry having you always favor it, a consumption tax performs thanks sale just before improving in commemoration of web site product publication anniversary.
I prepare popular hoop pierced earrings in large quantities this time. The material serves it by price deferment in soaring gold!
The simple hoop-style has universality by fashion for designing it, and, as for the value, a metal price is the same!
And I release it by price deferment during the gold price remarkable rise very much this time! I prepare in K10, K14, K18. It is the offer at the price that is affordable for a young person.
As for having a choice, as for the pierced earrings and the both sides and the color of earrings, white yellow pink is equal, 19 items in all, offer of 53 kinds of lineups. Surely the hoop which is good to you is found. By all means without passing over!
*Toward the purchase, the privilege to issue the coupon which I can use next time prepares.
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