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A pendant campaign of burirare 2019 spring! I hold it from today.
Spring that a season changed and puffed out a chest in expectation in Yayoi March started.
A favorable reception is a spring pendant special feature in Instagram having, but I introduce it, but I finally prepare for a bargain product today for one week from 20:00 on Monday, March 4, and burirare 2019 spring pendant campaign starts.
Including the petit pendant of the large special price, I prepare a diamond pendant brightening the spring chest.
The great service with the price that is affordable toward the fleshers of jewelry first debut! If it is the pendant of the diamond in this something including graduation, the entrance ceremony seasonal and many formal scenes, there is a casual genuine claim and is sure to get an outstanding performance.
Well, it is spring. We take off a scarf and open the chest of the shirt, and let's call in bright light. Let's start a new season with a fresh feeling from the shining chest.
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