Basic Etani tea
Higher-grade standard Eterna
Rich & gojasuburirabera
burirare is made in Japan, a quality diamond jewelry brand of the brightness. In the series, I prepare burirare, etaniti by burirare, burirareeteruna, burirabera, burirareburaidarurain.
A bargain only for now!
Waiting impatiently! It is the start of the collection page.
Miraculous natural diamond TYPE IIa DIAMOND debuts!
Type IIa diamond is a diamond rare at all of the color that it is very transparent and is colorless and is near that almost none of nitrogen is included in as impurities.
It is rarer and will introduce D color, Flores said not to be almost produced, the jewelry using the thing of the triple excellent no grade from the type IIa
diamond this time.
High transparency is fantastic, and drill tto features brightness such as the clear water. The thing of the further quality does not exist, please right enjoy the diamond called the top of the diamond.   You click a right image to collection, and please become available.
burirare is made in Japan, a quality diamond jewelry brand of the brightness.
In the series, I prepare burirare, etaniti by burirare, burirareeteruna, burirabera, burirareburaidarurain.
I launched site "Stella mia suteramia" which had the advantageous product including the burirare product newly.
In this, please enjoy shopping. As the products are added; expectation!
Sorry to have kept you waiting very much!
The publication of the product to the collection page that I always announced previously finally began.
At first the lineup of the ring which it is easy to use for daily from burirare.
Mainly on the tennis bracelet which also shines in sunlight of the early summer from Etani tea,
I send a popular item of this summer.
From each brand top, you push the button of "I see collection", and please be included.
Please expect it for the collection that is added sequentially from next month.
The method for purchase on our homepage changed. At first, a Contact form would appreciate your informing you of the request for product purchase.
The morning dew which shakes on stars, a leaf shining in the heavens… I want to see it in the beautiful glitter.
The discovery of the diamond granted such a wish.
As for the diamond, brightness is a life.
The brand which continues making the jewelry which shines when I engrave the words into a chest and put it on in the body, and gives off presence.
It which the meaning of burirare "glistens", and wants to send every day with the brightness is a wish of burirare.
Feelings of burirare
[feelings to a diamond]
The diamond with the appraisal made grading is apt to be partial to large amount. I sell it from the diamond with the appraisal to the thing which is not made grading widely in burirare.
The diamond to treat in burirare examines by 1 stone closely with feelings regardless of having grading or not and big things and small things of the size from a stocking stage. I brighten every day of the person whom the bright glitter that chooses you by the sorting eyes which knew everything about a diamond strictly, and was able to blunder brings.
[feelings to domestic production]
The jewelry of burirare is domestic production. I am made carefully by the hand of the expert craftsman.
burirare continues pursuing a design individualizing the brightness of the diamond and the jewelry which arrive, and has both the good points of the feeling which I want to bring a good point made even every day.
[feelings to a price]
The international diamond market which fluctuates by various factors intensely. burirare makes use of the network only by the maker stocking from India directly more than 30 years and realizes height of the cost performance by obtaining timely information.
I bring it casually every day by introducing it at a reasonable price while pursuing the glitter only by the diamond and want you to enjoy the brightness.  burirare does not spare an effort to realize the price that it is easy to be able to reach.
In daily various scenes the brightness of the diamond.
burirare snuggles up to a woman shining like oneself in every day
A brand of the diamond jewelry.
In the casual scene where the business scene which a feeling wants wants to be relaxed properly
It glitters lightly and brightens the daily life of the person putting it on at any time.
The keyword of the basic jewelry
"It is useful" with "a time reply"
Let choose the scene without being influenced by the fashion; is easy to use it
It is also the stylish jewelry appropriate for the adult woman.
In etaniti, it is stylish in basic
It keeps must-have item jewelry.
For the person who wants to insist on the individuality that is high sense while keeping dignity
The jewelry of Eterna was born.
I added design with the bloom to basic with the security
The jewelry which is authentic, and is, and adds a difference to a person.
It is the jewelry which is recommended to such a person who wants to shine like oneself.
The diamond jewelry shining splendidly is admiration of the woman all through the ages.
Force and a design with the beauty which impress it with a feeling of celebrity.
Jewelry of burirabera which wore it more, and pursued keyasusamo.
I let you feel even non-daily fantasy
It is the jewelry which can thoroughly enjoy a brimming glitter.
The natural diamond which is usable all the time because is burirare which knew everything about a diamond at a price of the assent.
The diamond which I examined closely with professional eyes with or without grading
I attach brightness to every day and continue lighting up the pure feeling.
Brillare Bridal