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K18 daiyamondosupakururingu


K18 daiyamondosupakururingu

¥92,800(Including tax)

In the diamond frame which gave the radial cut which burirare is good at, an impression touches bigger brightness.
I exaggerate the bright glitter of the 0.3ct light yellow diamond.
It is the ring where you can enjoy the feminine expression that gangs are different from the ordinary solitaire ring in.

Product numberBR0120 
White gold, yellow gold,
Pink gold
<material>StoneOne koku of diamond
 Metal18-karat gold
 It is total weightAbout 2.1 g
Ring size8-20 (1 cutting)
 The most wide clothAbout 5.8mm
<country of origin>Made in Japan 
<delivery>About 1-3 weeks 
※A hue, the size of the product vary in size, a form of the material one point of one point a little.
※For an order production product to a design, a price of the influence specifications may change as far as there is not it.
※A Contact form of the top, please contact the person whom there is by an email a request, consultation. On Saturday and Sunday, it is out of correspondence.
Contact, the purchase form, please inform me of the purchase of the product
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