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(4DC-0.8-SST) K18YG cutting ball chain necklace


(4DC-0.8-SST) K18YG cutting ball chain necklace

¥52,000(Including tax)

The chain of the ball which I cut one by one. Length adjustment is easy to the clothing with sliding adjuster.
The chain that a feeling is beautiful is convenient and adds it and various pendant heads shiningly and is gorgeous even if I have you wear it alone.

Product number4DC-0.8-SST 
Yellow gold
 It is total weightAbout 1.3 g
The most wide clothAbout 3.0*2.3mm
About 45cm (adzuki bean chain)
Pull ring type (with the sliding adjuster)
<country of origin>Japan 
<delivery>1-3 weeks 
※A hue, the size of the product vary in size, a form of the material one point of one point a little.
※For an order production product to a design, a price of the influence specifications may change as far as there is not it.
Contact, the purchase form, please inform me of the purchase of the product
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