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January, 2023 appearance

K18YG diamond 5 line ring 1.0ct


K18YG diamond 5 line ring 1.0ct

¥203,000(Including tax)

It is the gorgeous ring which displayed the diamonds of the 1.0ct49 stone selected carefully in total on 5 lines.
The confidence product which brings on the flavor that the delicate structure that makes a step on the base of the diamond to create round form, and further established the exquisite watermarks between the diamond is elegant.
Please enjoy yellow gold and harmony of the brightness of the light brown diamond.

Product numberERY2301 
Yellow gold
<material>StoneDiamond 49 koku in total
 Caratage1.0ct in total
 It is total weightAbout 3.0 g
Ring size8-22 (1 cutting)
 The most wide clothAbout 9.2mm
<country of origin>Made in Japan 
<delivery>The beginning of February 
※A hue, the size of the product vary in size, a form of the material one point of one point a little.
※For an order production product to a design, a price of the influence specifications may change as far as there is not it.
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