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It is burirare introduction campaign monthly publication in October! 10/4 first time is three days from 14:00 on Sunday. A discount bold with a drawing card product of burirare!
Thank you very much for usually favoring Brillare and our website more.
Including the one that had you know the Brillare newly in this October, I want to introduce charm of burirare to once again and develop "Brillare introduction campaign month" advantageous at all.
I will release the product which did not come up on the Web regularly in sequence, but carry out a special time sale in conjunction with a weekly surprise until now in a timing of debuting.
At first I provide nine points of products placed in the brand introduction image of this burirare what with a special price to all of you in the first time. As four points of Web debut products are included, by all means without passing over!
The normal weekly surprise product is during a sale at half price, too.
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